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Dan Reale: Secretary of State’s Office Not a Political Action Committee


Plainfield, CT (7/25/10) – Dan Reale officially announced today that he has filed a complaint against Susan Bysiewicz with the Federal Election Commission, the State Office of Ethics and the State Elections Enforcement Commission.


According to the complaint mailed to each of the above agencies, “Bysiewicz is using state funds and resources to boost enrollment in two specific political parties.”, said Reale, “It’s cut and dry. She comes right out tells you that she’s encouraging unaffiliated voters to enroll as Democrats and Republicans.”


“This is a big problem”, said Reale. “She’s using state funds to influence federal elections and her office as an in-kind contribution to both major parties. If she did that for the Libertarian and Green parties, both major parties would have lawyers crawling all over her – and they’d be completely justified.”


According to Reale, there’s a difference between encouraging participation and what occurred. “If she’d encouraged people to vote without giving a party preference, that would be fine.”, said Reale. “She could have even just explained the process of changing parties and what the deadline is to vote in the primary. But she’s actively pushing people to do it on the public dime.”


When asked about how Bysiewicz should have done this, Reale said, “That’s simple. On her own time and money. She’s free to write and speak at her own personal expense. But we should see that in the newspapers and on television – not on the Secretary of State’s website or an official press release from her office.”


“Overall, both major parties have received plenty of free contributions in the form of taxpayer subsidized primaries and election laws that suppress alternatives. And they even enshrined permanent campaign funding above and beyond other parties into the law. Both major parties are already on electoral welfare and refuse to actually work for votes. But to go beyond that and use government agencies for free advertising is obscene. The situation became clear since more than 40% of the voters rejected major party affiliation.”


“My goal here is simple”, said Reale. “She’s going to cease misusing public funds. After she does, she’s going to personally reimburse the state for all of this.”





The paths of G. Scott Deshefy, Green Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives (2nd CT Congressional District) and Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd briefly intersected at 6:00pm today while both statesmen independently assessed damage caused by Tuesday’s epic flooding.  Deshefy, who had been at Falls Mill Condominiums in Norwich shortly before the Yantic River crested Tuesday night, had returned late this afternoon to discuss with condo owners possible damages to structures closest to the river front.   At about 6:00pm, shortly after those discussions, Senator Dodd arrived with his staff in a black sedan.  Deshefy provided the Senator information and pointed out high water levels along the Falls Mill properties reached by the raging Yantic River the night before.


The Falls Mill Condos are immediately down river of the Norwich dam and its majestic waterfalls commonly called Indians Leap.  The area beneath the falls, the southernmost stretch of the Yantic River, flows into the Thames River and is subject to its tidal influences.  “Luckily, high tide did not coincide with the cresting Yantic last night or damage would have been much worse along this stretch of river,” Deshefy explained.  “Given the weather extremes predicted by climate change modeling, it is imperative that Connecticut and other parts of the country most prone to such events look intensively at flood control measures to mitigate their impact.   I was happy to see Senator Dodd putting in overtime.  These are infrastructural and ecological problems demanding our attention now and denied solutions by the two-party piracy of economic resources for militarism and corporate servitude.  That’s what I’m running against.  That’s why I’m a Green.”

Press Release March 15, 2010, Lebanon CT.

- Native Son Scott Deshefy Makes Campaign Stop in Montville


G. Scott Deshefy, Green Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd CT congressional district, will be among congressional candidates speaking at Montville High School on March 26, 2010 during a “Candidates Meet and Greet.”  The event will start at 6:00 pm and is organized by the Eastern Connecticut Tea Party Patriots.


Deshefy, a product of Montville’s public school system, grew up in the Mohegan sector of Uncasville and went to Fair Oaks and Mohegan Elementary Schools after splitting kindergarten classes between the Old Uncasville School and the original Mohegan Fire Station.  He graduated from St. John’s Jr. High School and St. Bernard High School.  In the 1980s, Deshefy coached Little League and served on the Montville Board of Education, chairing the Board from 1985 through 1987.  As a youth, he was active in local sports, including baseball, football, and track and field, where he set high school records as a pole vaulter.  He was a Connecticut State and Honor Society scholar and recipient of academic scholarships to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he again competed in football, baseball, and track and field.


“I attended Montville schools during the Fifties and Sixties at a time when literacy and scholarship were still more important than spectacle in this country,” said Deshefy.  “It was an era before sensationalism was thought a portal to reality, a time when the world seemed constellated with heroes and role models.  Even under the shadow of Cold War brinkmanship, it was a great time to be a kid.  I grew up in a 3-generation household with many relatives close by, and the local community was tight and caring.  Such was the cultural mold for the scientist and progressive statesman I have become.”


In 2008, Scott Deshefy became the first Green Party congressional candidate in the history of the 2nd District, finishing third in the election.  He earned ballot access by gathering nearly 5,000 ballot petition signatures, spending 5 to 6 hours per day over a three month period going door-to-door and in front of supermarkets.  On the strength of nearly 8,000 votes received in that 2008 election, Deshefy and the Green Party will have the benefit of automatic ballot access in November 2010, an advantage normally granted democrat and republican candidates prevailing in their primaries and nominating conventions.  “The Herculean task I had to perform to get Green Party ballot access in 2008 and 2010 demonstrates the tyranny of the 2-party system, which has so badly failed this nation.  It is a process driven by corporate money as well as the media and 2-party candidates, who profit from it,” Deshefy adds.  “It is one of several reasons we need publicly financed elections, tamper-proof voting, proportional representation and instant run-off elections if we are to achieve democracy in America.”


As a commemorative gesture honoring our veterans, Scott Deshefy will talk to supporters the afternoon of the Candidate Meet and Greet at 4:00 pm beside the James Porach Memorial, Porach Memorial Little League Field on Gallivans Lane in Uncasville.  Pending permission from the Montville National Little League, youngsters, who want to toss a baseball or have pictures taken with the candidate, are encouraged to bring their baseball mitts to the field.  Those interested to learn more about Deshefy’s congressional campaign please read my position statements.

State hospital land needed regional plan.
Reprinted from the Norwich Bulletin
Posted Jan 27, 2010 @ 11:45 PM

Given its financial woes, a virtual depression and prevailing attitudes heard at public hearings, Norwich’s failure to buy the former state hospital property is understandable, if ultimately regrettable.

What most undermined redevelopment of the site has been failure by Environmental Protection Agency to force Connecticut to obey its own environmental laws and abject failures of state and federal politicians to form regional coalitions, pooling resources and advocating projects beneficial to all Eastern Connecticut.

Both the former Norwich Hospital facility and the former Seaside facility in Waterford would be prime locations for such regional initiatives.

State and federal politicians had years to facilitate regional decisions, explore federal brownfield funding and pursue clean-up variances allowable with certain redevelopment uses. Both sites provide excellent locations for green tech and alternative energy research and development, coordinated with local colleges and possibly qualifying for stimulus money, as well as other options, including small rail mass transit and/or projects to tap into Connecticut’s burgeoning film industries.

Rather than ask one or two towns to carry the ball, a regional approach is the best game plan.

Our state and federal incumbents have fumbled the snap.



G. Scott Deshefy is the Green Party candidate in this year’s 2nd

News Release- August 28, 2009- for immediate release
CONTACT; Tim McKee, Spokesperson and National Committee,


The Green Party of Connecticut welcomed the Federal Court ruling
striking down the state’s unfair public financing of elections
today. The Greens, which have been long time advocates of public
financing of elections, called on the state to reform the law as
soon as possible, and not appeal the unfair practices against third
parties to other courts, which would cost the taxpayers more money
in legal fees.
Mike DeRosa, a lead plaintiff and Co–Chair of the Connecticut
Green Party said “All we are seeking is a level playing field for
all who run office. We want MORE people to run for office and the
old law hurts minor parties and independent candidates with extra
hurdles and burdens.”
Tim McKee, a spokesperson for the Green Party said “This has
national implications for all third parties who have been treated
unfairly in other states. The Federal Court agrees with us that you
can not treat us differently than other parties. Governor Rell has
called the old law ‘a model law’ for other states to pass and
others states were looking to follow the struck down Connecticut
law. Other states such as Maine treat the Greens and other minor
parties fairly, and we should do the same here.”
Steve Fournier, State Co-Chair said “We will push for the
General Assembly to treat all political parties equally. For
example, the requirement that ONLY third parties that collect over
200,000 valid signatures for equal funding for the Governor’s
race. This means collecting close to 400,000 raw signatures, which
would cost the smaller parties both a lot of time and money.
The Greens stated that law could be amended in one short session of
the General Assembly instead of costing the taxpayers more money
and confusion in the upcoming elections.
#End of Release #


Deshefy Literally Throws Hat in the Ring



Lebanon, Connecticut - January 21, 2010-   G. Scott Deshefy came out today to decry the Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited campaign contributions saying: "This is another example of the stranglehold corporations have on U.S. government. Their corporate donations adorn the necklines of democrats and republicans alike, but choke the lives and hopes for a democracy out of the average citizen. That is why we need to vote for the Green Party and that is why I'm running again for Congress."

 Deshefy addressed an excited crowd of supporters in  New London  to kick-off  his Southeastern Connecticut  congressional campaign last week.  Precisely on time at 6:19 pm on Saturday, January 16th, Deshefy, the 2010 Green Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 2nd Connecticut Congressional district, arrived with Amtrak's southbound train to wow an enthusiastic audience of supporters at New London's Union Station.  After dramatically tossing his corduroy fedora hat (once used in an award-winning portrayal of Mortimer in The Fantastics) spot center through a rainbow-colored ring at twenty paces, Deshefy proceeded to outline major differences between his candidacy and what he called the failed policies of the democratic and republican parties in Congress.


Deshefy told the crowd that his candidacy and tenure in Congress, if elected, will be an aggressive push for a Green New Deal to create jobs in green, sustainable technology and in alternative energy.  He will introduce legislation to withdraw troops and corporate interests from Iraq and Afghanistan.  He promises to work hard to reduce the annual trillion dollar baseline military budget by 30 percent to provide tax relief and mitigate U.S. Indebtedness. Scott will target and end corporate welfare, bailouts and congressional subsidies to ecologically destructive businesses and support  strict controls of and a windfall tax on Wall Street bonuses to failed enterprises.  Long a champion of meaningful health care reform via a single-payer national health care system, Scott understands and champions the need for reform that allows  physicians and medical professionals to make medical decisions rather than the profit-minded insurance and pharmaceutical companies or government officials who can come between patients and their doctors.


  "The people of this state and America have been politically abused and betrayed," Deshefy said. "But our outrage is only good if it leads to mobilization for progressive change, turning away from the interchangeable democratic and republican parties, who are both repeatedly responsible, election cycle after election cycle, for the deterioration of our society, our economy and the ecology.  People don't know who to turn to anymore and with good reason. I say to those disillusioned, those disgruntled, those disenfranchised citizens betrayed by the republicans and democrats time and time again, turn to me and to the Green Party to carry your burden.  Otherwise, we are in for more of the same after November 2010."  Predicting that another collapse of Wall Street is  eminent given the continuing practices which caused the economic collapse in 2008, Deshefy closed with the suggestion that his election in November would be a wake-up call to save the nation and the planet.  "Just this once!" he urged the crowd to repeat with him. "Just this once!"